So, you’re probably here because you want to learn about who I am; but for what reason you are looking, I don’t really know. You could be looking here because you want to work with me on a project and want to know if you think we would get along (please hire me). Or maybe you want to be my friend and are wondering if our astrological signs align (I’m a Taurus, but I don’t really know what that means). Maybe you want to go on a date with me and are doing that thing where you stalk the person online before talking to them in real life--thank you for being interested in me! Or maybe I am dead and you are gazing upon this page as a memorial--again, thank you for being interested in me! Honestly, I don’t care why you’re here, I am just glad you waited for this website to load, I know it takes a while sometimes. I tried to optimize everything but there are just a lot of images on that first page, and no matter how hard I tried it still lagged a bit. Don’t worry I am not done trying--so maybe one day in the future I will be able to rid my bio of this pesky digression.

So I guess I should tell you some things about here it goes: I am a Senior at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. As you can probably tell from my website, I do a lot of photography work as well as a lot of design work. My major is actually Communications Design, with a focus in Graphic Design--I have always just had a love for taking photos and so I’ve continued to pursue that as a career path as well. Photography is a prevalent part of my design process, and the design mind can probably be seen in my photos as well. When I take photos, I love to lay low and observe, capturing intimate moments between people. In my design process I aim to be striking and captivating. I think humor is one of the best design strategies, and I hate using computers. I’m currently working on my senior thesis, to read about it click here.

I was an intern for Annie Leibovitz, where I assisted in photoshoots for magazine covers, advertisements, and other portraiture. I also worked at Milk Studios where I created a standardized and recognizable visual language which I implemented into their instagram stories. I also photographed their parties and events, and even interviewed someone once (!!). I work freelance, photographing portraiture, weddings, events, and parties. Contrary to my distaste for computers, I love web design and UX and UI design, building websites, and other web related things. When I was a kid I would make these local sites through Microsoft Powerpoint by using the slides as separate pages and hyperlinks to navigate throughout. Then I’d make my family sit down at the computer and click through them...weird? Soon after I was designing blog pages online for whatever I could think of, my Cub Scout pack, my family members, myself. In high school I started getting more involved with coding, designing my own websites and writing the code for them, but since then I have found I am much more interested in the design and experiential side of web design.

That is probably enough for you to get a pretty good understanding of who I am, but just for good measure: I am a dog person, I love cheese but I am lactose intolerant, and my hometown is Rochester, NY. If you want to see my resume, click here. If I didn’t do a good enough job and you aren’t satisfied/want to know more about me, email me. If you want to hire me, email me. If you still want to ask me on that date even after stalking me on the internet, email me (but you should know I am happily coupled).