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Sorry, something went wrong. If you really had your heart set on tracking me, then try again soon, maybe it will work or maybe it won't I really don't know. The thing is, I wrote this message when I made this page and so I really just wrote it with the intent of it popping up in the case that something were to happen, in order to give the user some sort of response. "Oh, the page failed" is better than no response at all--and a page that just seemingly doesn't respond in any way whatsoever. So if you ever receive this message, it is completely automated and there is absolutely no action taken on my part whatsoever aside from writing this note. So when I say "try again soon, maybe it will work or maybe it won't," I am under the belief that you and I both understand that if there is an issue with the site, I won't be able to fix it unless I find it myself, or if someone tells me there is an issue. So if you try again soon and it still doesn't work, then you should consider using my contact page to let me know about the issue.
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