TV Dinner Made America Great

This poster was created within a larger body of work in which I spent ten weeks making one poster every week, based on a topic given to me by a four-year-old. When I asked what topic my poster should be on I was given a story about a family in a house eating dinner and watching TV. I was feeling rather politically motivated at the time and decided to make a political statement alongside this poster, because why not, it’s important to be vocal about these issues! TV Dinner Made America Great draws a comparison between the current presidency and the introduction of TV dinners in the 50’s.

The rise in popularity of TV dinners is complicit with the diffusion of American family values, resulting in a divide among a once united family. This occurred because the single-serving microwave meal allowed any member of the family to eat whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Families no longer had to all eat one meal all at the same time, since it was so easy to make these new meals. Considering also the fact that the TV dinners were marketed hand-in-hand with the newly introduced *television* made families even more subject to separation as while eating these meals, people wanted to watch television making it difficult for any conversation to happen even if the family did eat it all at the same time.

With social media playing such an important role in today's society, people from across the globe can communicate and spread ideas with each other. We can pick and choose which people we see and which people we don't, what kind of news we are exposed to and what kind of pictures and videos we see. People are able to intake information and ideas from strictly one viewpoint and never have to assess or hear anyone else's point of view if they don't want to. This is what caused the incredible divide among our country, once Donald Trump was running for presidency. Many people loved him and many people despised the man. Those who loved him, only saw news about him written by people who also love him; and they never had to be exposed to the mindsets or viewpoints of the people who despised him. The only understanding many of those pro-Trump voters had of the anti-Trump voters was simply that they are an opposing force. And I don't mean to imply that this was only one-sided. I would be telling a huge lie if I stated that the anti-Trump voters were not also incredibly underexposed to an opposing viewpoint as well. Sadly, the divide continues to grow and unless we address the cause, the United States will continue to be split in half.